Corporate Social Responsibility and Apple's Business Practices

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Apple and CSR Apple Inc. was established in 1976 with the launch of Apple I in April 1976. The creators, Steve Job and Steve Wozniak, transformed the entire consumer interactive experience between the user and the computer by being the pioneers in this field. For two decades, Apple Inc ruled the computer manufacturing frontier for two decades. However, it did face low sales and market share in the 1990s. Steve Jobs had left the firm in the 1980s and returned in 1996 as the Chief Executive Officer. He brought about a revolution in the electronics music industry with the invention of the Ipod in 2001. He aimed for innovative products with simple, unique designs that offered a user friendly interface. In 2007, Apple again created a novel segment in the American market with the initiation of the iPhone. The first tablet gadget was released in 2010 and made headway in the international market as well. With Apple being in the limelight, questions were cast towards the degree of responsibility it was undertaking to contribute to the welfare of society. In order to understand the essence of Corporate Social Responsibility, it may help in knowing where the concept originated from. Adam Smith, a late 18th century philosopher and economist with Scottish origin, penned sundry articles on this discipline. His most famous work is the renowned "The Wealth of Nations" where he champions the economic models of free trade and the free market. He advocated the allocation of resources through
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