“Corporate Social Responsibility and Younger Generation Employees”

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“Corporate Social Responsibility and Younger Generation Employees”


Mrs. Mrinal Sanjay Rao, Mr. Masarrat Raj
Assistant Professor Student of PGDM (Finance)
Sinhgad Institute of Business Administration and Research, Kondhwa (Bk), Pune.


Today when competition has reached its peak, anything that gives competitive advantage is a matter of concern for the corporations. In such a situation, when businesses have realized that they owe something back to the society and nature, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become a priority on the agenda of the corporations. Giving back to the society and conserving the natural resources for a better future leads to the sustainable development in and around the
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An integrated, strategic approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) is giving companies around the world a competitive edge. Executives are discovering an expanded definition of CSR that can help them build stronger relationships with customers, employees, stockholders, suppliers and their communities. Employer Branding is called the 'hottest strategy in employment '. It is an international concept referring to the work with making the identity clear as employer. The result is the companies ' images as employer, both internally and externally.


The research study has following objectives:

• To study the concepts of corporate social responsibility and employer branding with the reference to today’s economic environment. • To find if there is a co- relation between the awareness of CSR in the younger generation and their willingness to work in socially responsible organizations. • To also find out the level of preference given by younger generation to the reputation of companies for being socially responsible.


The study is based upon use of primary as well as secondary data. The primary data is collected using questionnaire survey method from post graduate students using live and online survey conducted with minimum sample size of 100 students, within the age group of 20-

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