Corporate Social Responsibility at Air New Zealand

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Aviation industry exerts great influence on growth of national economy and it has an overriding effect on national security. Air New Zealand is an international airline registered and based in New Zealand. It provides cargo transport services and air passenger within New Zealand, as well as to and from major regions. To start with, all outside factors that may influence an organization constitute the external environment .This report will first describe the external environment through three perspectives: economic, technological and global forces, then the major CSR issues and the stakeholders. Finally, it will discuss how stakeholders influence the CSR policy and the implication of it. Air New Zealand has made significant progress in …show more content…
Climate change continued to be at the forefront of global concern and the record number of passengers taking to the skies has raised environmental concerns over planes’ contribution to climate change. Many people criticized that flying is one of the major contributors to the growing environmental pollution. ‘The United Nations has released a report stating that aviation is responsible for over half of the pollution caused by transportation. The report stated that emissions from aircrafts, which are more persistent and damaging than ground level emissions, will be contributing much more to global warming by the year 2050’(Taneja,2004). The study also indicates that air travel is expected to grow by about 6% per year and fuel consumption is estimated to rise by 4% more annually. Airlines are responsible for high emissions of greenhouse gases principally as a result of emitting carbon dioxide from burning large amount of aviation fuel.

Organizations have constituencies. Furthermore, organizations are dependent upon these constituency groups for their success. To the extent that these constituency groups have an interest in their relationship with the firm, they are referred to as stakeholders. ‘The classic definition of a stakeholder is “any group or individual who can affect or is affected by the achievement of the organization’s objectives’. At it’s broadest and most ambitious the stakeholder concept represents a redefinition
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