Corporate Social Responsibility in Brunei

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Corporate Social Responsibility in Brunei Introduction Companies and governments are determined to involve in different activities that are required by public pressure. Such activities are usually part of corporate social responsibility practices. In other words, if companies want to establish a strong position on the market and to ensure the support of the customer segments they are targeting, they must do more than just develop high quality products and services. They must get involved in the problems that communities they are targeting must confront with. Lobbying for good public policy is a corporate responsibility activity that requires the efforts of the community in case also. In other words, it is important that companies' efforts rely on the support of the community they address. The governments that these companies lobby on must see that the initiatives of these companies are important to the community in case. If the community does not reflect the importance of these initiatives, it is likely that the lobbying strategy cannot produce the intended effects. Therefore, it is recommended that the community publicly supports the lobbying activity of these companies regarding the Borneo rainforests. It is important to benefit from the support of the population in order to ensure the efficiency of corporate social responsibility projects. Lobbying for Good Public Policy Analysis Same as in the case of other corporate social responsibility tools, lobbying for good
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