Corporate Social Responsibility in Ranbaxy Laboratories

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| Corporate Social Responsibility Report: RANBAXY LABORATORIES LTD | | ABSTRACT This report explores the Millennium Development Goals related to Healthcare at global and national level. It also focuses on the diseases that are prevalent in India and the steps taken by Ranbaxy towards the eradication of these diseases. It reviews the activities of Ranbaxy Laboratories towards the welfare of community and the protection of environment. It also throws light on the efforts done by the company in playing its part in fulfilling the Millennium Development Goals that directly affect or are affected by its business. It also looks towards the company’s approach towards sustainable development. CONTENTS i.…show more content…
Identifying the main causes of the spread of the disease leads to following prime factors – cultural factors, political factors, medical suspicion, economic factors and lack of health care professionals. India and the HIV\AIDS Infected Population (Table 2) Year | People Infected with HIV/AIDS | 2006 | 5.6 Million | 2007 | 2-3.1 Million | 2008 | 2.31 Million | Chart 1 Source: The major chunk of the HIV\AIDS infected population of around 22.9 million individuals comes from the Sub Saharan African Region (Chart 1). This is followed by South East Asian region inhabiting around 4 million individuals infected with HIV\AIDS. Indian trajectory with respect to curbing HIV\AIDS is on a positive track (table2). MATERNAL MORTALITY World Development Report estimated that 18 percent of the burden of disease for the women is due to maternal causes. Of all the MDGs, the least progress has been made on the maternal health goal worldwide. Surprisingly, the rate of decline in maternal mortality in the South-East Asia Region was among the highest observed and in India MMR being 230 per 100000 Births. Barriers to better maternal health can be removed by - educating girls besides the boys, reducing teenage pregnancies, empowering women to space births and choose family

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