Corporate Social Responsibility of Levi Strauss

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It is the nature of business to expand its business and increase sales. What is ethical? In my opinion ethics are defined by what is "right." Some ethics are defined by law but many must come from within the person or business. One must realize that sometimes what might be considered unethical by law or ethical by law might need to be revisited and thought about if the law or lack of it produces unethical outcomes.
In doing business so many times an organization must think globally. This might be done to increase sales and/or profits or to lower labor costs. In either case problems can occur due to ethical and cultural barriers in global expansion. In this paper I will attempt to show some of what a global organization and a cultural issue that affects their interactions outside the United States by identifying and comparing some of these cultural differences.
One company that faces these cultural issues daily is Levi Strauss and Company. Levi Strauss and Company is a large American company founder in 1853 and is well known for its denim line. Currently Levi Strauss and Co. has operations in over 110 countries with over half of its corporate revenues coming from outside the United States. In American history we have all heard complaints of companies in the garment industry hiring underage employees outside the United States and poor working conditions. Levi Strauss and Company has not been left out of these accusations.
In the United States child labor is considered

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