Corporate Social Responsibility of Orang Switzerland Mobile Company

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This paper gives a research study on the corporate social responsibility in which Orang Switzerland mobile company applies its terms according to CSR. OCH implements the CSR on the behalf of stakeholders .OCH defines the CSR in the context of ethical, legal, commercial and public interest. CSR is dependent upon three pillars according to the company requirement, performance indicators, CSR projects and business principles. Business principles are categorized in three parts , first one is major category of principal then sub category of principal then region of focus. Under these three categories company will take the opinion of stakeholders, work with honesty, provide the protected work place, provide better goods and services, encourage the relation with employs and also achieve its goals. Also the company will support the country by funding in critical condition and for education. All the three pillars will be analyzed in the paper, first one is the principles second one is performance indicators and the last is CSR projects. CSR research has spent many years to promote company benefits in the regard of social responsibilities, so the CSR strategy consideration gained much importance in a firm working . Although CSR categories the responsibilities of a company but in real world it is not good due to three reasons, first the CSR categories are not differentiable, second CSR can be used as a moral substitute to hide the other

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