Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility -- a Short Report on Ikea B.V

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Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility A Short Report on IKEA B.V Written By: Syed Rehan Rizvi February 16, 2010 IKEA’s Social and Environmental Initiatives Introduction IKEA is one of the largest European home furnishing retailers established in 1943. It has more than 300 stores in 37 countries with a business turnover of approx. 22,7 billion Euros in 2009 and an approximate direct workforce of 127,800 employees all over the world. IKEA’s retail concept is based on selling well designed products at low prices so that maximum people can afford them and live a better life. IKEA’s Corporate Social and Environmental Initiatives Globalization has changed the world business environment. The cost competition forces…show more content…
These clauses explains the methodology to be adopted for the implementation and monitoring of IWAY requirements which includes commitment for IWAY compliance, assigning responsibilities or designating a core team within organization responsible for the implementation, communication of IWAY requirements to all the employees i.e. staff and workers of company as well as all sub-suppliers, conducting Internal IWAY audits and above all the requirement for the company to update all laws and regulations applicable to their business/ industry. IWAY Clauses 3 to 7 is related to the inside and outside working environments as well as health and safety systems that companies must implement. All the remaining clauses of the standard are basically for the efforts in developing an effective and transparent social accountability management system within the organization, which directly give benefits to the workers and the society as whole. IWAY requirements related to Environmental Protection and Management • Environmental classification, reporting and inspections ------- This requires all organizations to comply the applicable environmental laws and regulations, reporting its environmental performance and inspections by concern authorities. • Outdoor Air pollution and Noise Pollution ---- This requires permits and monitoring of air emissions from the plant

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