Corporate Strategy : My Boss For The Overall Direction On A Company

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To begin, I would review the corporate strategy provided by my boss for the overall direction on how to execute our organization’s functions. I would use corporate’s OGSM to develop an operations strategy concentrating on their strategies and measures as the operations and supply management’s objectives and goals. The operations unit will use the corporate OGSM to determine how we can contribute to the success of the corporate strategy and plan to meet the company’s needs. Based on the objectives and goals assigned, I would determine which critical measures relate the most to corporate’s vision for the company. I would then evaluate our processes, their results and their impact on the company to see what processes need the greatest…show more content…
After analyzing all of the data collected, I would develop an operations OGSM and deploy strategies and measures to the next level of the organization that would be their objectives and goals. I would ensure that any objectives set and proposed improvements to our processes were within the company’s capabilities. For example: the plan must be financially feasible for the company to carry out. I would employ process strategy to meet our goals and objectives. Two of our objectives are to consolidate manufacturing facilities and to increase productivity by 20%. This can be done using process choice to structure our manufacturing processes. Since the company only makes one product, the line process could work to produce high volumes of standardized cans of soup in one plant. The line process also allows the company to meet another objective of accelerating innovation by making new products on the same line. Modifying the tomato soup line is feasible because they can make new similar soups with the same ingredients or by using tomato soup as the base for different recipes. The line process coupled with a make-to-stock strategy would allow our company to improve their competitive priorities, including low-cost operations, speedy deliveries, and consistent quality. The line process can allow the firm to invest in more efficient technology that can be
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