Corporate Strategy Of Walt Disney Co Essay

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The following paragraphs will discuss the corporate strategy of Walt Disney Co. in regards to the current strengths and weaknesses of business diversifications as discussed in “Disney Stresses ESPN to Allay Cable Fears” (Fritz, 2016).
As Fritz (2016) discusses the Walt Disney Co. is facing a twenty-four percent reduction in stock price since August 3, 2015. The company has been investigating their basic model of strategic business management and studying both their internal and external business environment to see where their biggest business losses are coming from.
Walt Disney Co. as a whole is worth $150 billion and is led by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Robert Igor. Walt Disney Co. is comprised of four main business components: Consumer Products/Interactive, Media Networks, Theme Parks, and Film Studios.
Consumer Products/Interactive The consumer products/interactive component of Walt Disney Co. saw a $1.9 billion (8%) increase in profit over the last year (Fritz, 2016). This was mainly attributed to the huge success of licensing and sales at Disney Stores, of Star Wars and Frozen toys. With this increase in profit to the consumer products segment, it increased the operating income by twenty-three percent. Sales of consumer and interactive products are three times higher than they were the previous year. Due to the major powerhouse movie franchises Walt Disney Co. also saw an increase in digital movie downloads and DVD sales. This was a surprising

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