Corporate Strategy and Practices of International Human Resource Management

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Corporate Strategies
Corporate Strategy
Strategy relates to the scope and domain of a corporation's activities and the main issues to use while evaluating its success. Activity pattern in the strategy is on resource acquisition, commitment and allocation in accordance to an organization's need, environment, management network and intended goals(Chew & Sharma, 2006).
Corporate Strategy and Culture
An organization's culture creates an important link between the organization's strategy, human resource management and the human resource. According to Chew & Sharma, 2006, organization culture refers to how things in an organization are undertaken in the normal course work. It is therefore; correct to say that an organization's culture refers to that aspect about an organization that makes it uniquely different from other organizations.
Given that organization culture is linked to its strategy, it is clear to say that corporate strategy formulation will influence working style in the organization(Becker & Gehart, 2000). Nestle a Corporation recently targets to sell it products on an international scope even to the third world countries. It is working towards changing the mindset of the employees to incorporate an international outlook.
In their marketing strategy, the corporation emphasizes Good and Healthy Foods where, specific attributes of others countries are considered. In managing their employees, they are enriching them with the need to consider other countries in
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