Corporate Strategy and Project Management

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41. Corporate Strategy and Project Management: the relationship between them and implications for the management of an international project.

This paper draws attention to the detached relationship between the corporate strategy and project management. Solutions offered by various researchers to align both of them are discussed and examine how they could be proposed for the management of international project, in particularly for the construction industry.
Relationship between corporate strategy and project management
Association between strategy and project are often perceived as a top down approach, where executive managers drives strategy down to projects management
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| Lack of control over resources | Control system in organization stifle authority of project manager over resources (human or budgets). Authority does not correspond to responsibilities | Executive manger felt that planning and control of project a pure delivery process, | Lack of recognition of business contribution | Project manager not recognized for business contribution | Project often contradicts the goal for profit |

Exhibit [ 2 ] common deficiency faced by the project manager in an organization
Milosevic & Srivannaboon (2006) and numerous literature highlighted that the rift between project management and corporate strategy is causing projects to be poorly managed leading to frequent project overruns . Ginevri & Beraha (2006) further warned about the gap, noting that corporation are facing an “endemic” disease, a disease that if developed in organization could “arises and spreads around quickly” if left unchecked.

The solution: bridging the gap between project to corporate strategy
Relationship between corporate strategy and project should not merely be looked upon as a top-down approach where executive management drives strategy down to project. For project to work, here must be two-way influence between project management and business strategy. Successful links flow both ways. (Combe 2000). Successfully project is only possible when business strategy
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