Corporate Structure Essay

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Corporate Structure Introduction Corporate structure is the way in which the parts of a corporation are put together. Corporations usually have several strategic business units (SBUs). These SBUs are also called strategy centers, strategic planning units, or independent business units (Jain, 1990, p.17). Kotler (1997, p.71) states that an SBU is a single business or collection of related businesses that can be planned separately from the rest of the company. An SBU can be a company division, a product line within a division, or sometimes a single product or brand (Kotler et al., 1998, p.35). A corporation and its SBUs have structures that must be understood before a marketing plan can be created. These are very important because…show more content…
has a mission to be the best retailer in every market in which it operates. It wants to produce benefits to its stakeholders. It also wants to be known for honesty and leadership. For this purpose, it considers communication as a very important aspect. It needs to have an open and responsive communication with every aspect of the environment to achieve its goals. Strategic Business Units As it is explained before, an SBU could be a company division, a product line within a division, or a single product or brand. In Coles Myer Ltd., the SBUs are the company divisions. Coles Myer Ltd. operates twelve SBUs in order to achieve its organisational goals. The SBUs are: · Coles Coles is a full service supermarket. It provides food and liquor. There are about 407 stores across Australia. It employs more than 52,000 people. · Bi-Lo Bi-Lo is also a supermarket that provides food and liquor. It is known for its tradition of discount grocery retailing. There are about 149 Bi-Lo stores across Australia. · Myer Grace Bros Myer Grace Bros (MGB) provides shopping places which change overtime in order to fulfill the expectations of the customers. It has about 69 stores in Australia. · Myer Direct Myer Direct is an Australia's leading mail order business. It was established in 1989 and has been growing rapidly since then. · Kmart Kmart offers general merchandise with very competitive prices. It
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