Corporate Structure of Yamaha

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October 28, 2010 Message from the President Management Emphasis on CSR Yamaha Corporation Group CSR Policy Group-wide Quality Management System Corporate Governan Compliance Group-wide Quality Assurance Structure Quality Management System Quality Risk Management Quality Improvement Measures Stronger Customer Support System Improving Convenience by Standardizing Customer Helpdesks Policies for Retained Earnings and Returns to Shareholders Proactive Investor Relations Efforts to Promote Understanding of the Company Inclusion in Socially Responsible Investment Indexes Initiatives for Employees Basic Policy on Hiring and Employment Job-Tailored Training and Education Systematic Transmission of Skills Initiatives for a Better…show more content…
In April 2010, we launched our new medium-term management plan, "Yamaha Management Plan 125" (YMP125), under which we will aim to create the foundations for future growth in the lead up to Yamaha 's 125th anniversary in 2013. We also established a vision for what Yamaha should be: a trusted and admired brand, with operations centered on sound and music, and an achiever of growth through both products and services. Promoting CSR-oriented management is a crucial component of our effort to be a trusted and admired brand. CSR-oriented management as practiced by the Yamaha Group is distinguished by the fact that we contribute to the development of musical culture and the enrichment of society through our business activities themselves, not as an afterthought. By making the most of Yamaha’s strengths to provide products and services that satisfy all customers who love music, we can contribute to the development of musical cultures and enrich lives worldwide. In tandem, as the Yamaha Group develops operations on a global scale, we believe it is vital to do our part to address the issues faced by local communities, as well as worldwide concerns such as global warming and biodiversity. The Yamaha Group will continue promoting efforts to address social problems in a variety of ways, focusing on those activities best suited to the particular nature of our businesses. We will make efforts to support cultural and educational development in each region, use raw materials
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