Corporate Survival Strategy: Breakthrough Management

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Corporate Survival Strategy - Breakthrough Management


We are in an age of enormous change in business and industry. Change can be a source of opportunities for business. It can also threaten an organisation’s survival. Today’s king is not guaranteed to be tomorrow’s emperor. We have seen this in history and politics, and we see it in business also. While at times, corporations themselves hasten their downfall by questionable decisions, at other times entrepreneurial start-ups with some luck rapidly make their way to the top. Most of the firms that dominated the old order usually disappear, replaced by new players operating in new
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Every where most of us talk about innovation, its benefits, its challenges, but nobody talk about “how to innovate” instead they simply tell us how important it is, how it is driving their business strategies, how it is changing business dynamics, providing more value, beating the competition, & so on. There is no solid and proven method that would help us with business innovation. In search for how to fish, how to create solution, more and more business people in India turn their attention to Breakthrough Management strategy.

Thanks to 74 Years old Japanese Management Guru Dr. Shoji Shiba, a staunch advocate of the Breakthrough Management Strategy who introduce this concept to Indian Companies to chart their strategic vision with consultation of Confederation of Indian Industries (CII). Confederation of Indian Industries had selected seven companies Brakes India Ltd. Foundry division, Ucal Fuel Systems Ltd, TVS Motor Company, Lucas TVS, Technova Imaging Systems, SRF, & Sona Koyo Steering Systems Ltd. in pursuit of Breakthrough Management Strategy which has its key in to unlearn what has been learnt & learn new strategies for exponential growth.

Review of Literature

Due to the paucity of data, there are hardly any empirical studies on the Breakthrough Management on
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