Corporate Sustainability And The Social, Environmental And Financial Performance Of International Paper Company

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Executive Summary This report explores corporate sustainability and the social, environmental and financial performance of International Paper Company. “Today we see a growing momentum to reduce carbon footprints and co-create new social and economic structures.” ( Company/Leadership-Team/Ray-Watch. aspx) Sustainability consists of environmental and social performance as well as financial performance. Companies which can incorporate these strong values and cultures are becoming more the norm than not. Many studies now show that most companies have adapted some form of sustainability with some doing so at a higher level than others. In a study by Robert G. Eccles and George Serafeim, they compared ninety companies that they considered to be high sustainability companies and 90 companies that they considered to be low sustainability companies were compared. The findings of their 18 year time frame showed that the high sustainability companies outperformed the low sustainability companies in the stock market and financially. This only occurred in a long term plan. Therefore companies who want results in the short term might not see the results they want immediately. (Eccles and Serafeim) In today’s society corporations have a responsibility to the environment as well as to making a profit. A range of social and environmental issues and what is expected of the modern day corporation will be discussed along
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