Corporate Sustainability Focus Of Gorilla Health Bars

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0.0 Executive Summary The main purpose of this report is to analyze the corporate strategies that are essential for corporate sustainability focus of Gorilla Health Bars Pty Ltd. Additionally, it will make recommendations for future actions based on the analysis. The information is propounded on the basis of information from a range of data and information sources namely; academic journals, digital sources, books and company reports. The findings reveal that, Gorilla Health Bars has effectively taken a step towards adopting corporate strategies for sustainability focus in the competitive market of snack bars. However, as much as they have already established some initiatives to improve corporate sustainability, it has not effectively put…show more content…
Furthermore, Gorilla Health Bars (GHB) has been in operation for four years and begun making some net revenues quite recently as a result of improved public focus on healthy diet. The GHB CEO Janet Jones aims to develop the Corporate Sustainability focus of GHB Company. Moreover, she believes that a key to enhancing the reputation of GHB Company lies with better Corporate Sustainability. Furthermore, Janet hopes that, in the long run, it will help solve the problems associated with Company finances. Another problem facing GHB is that, Health bars production consumes water beyond the expected amount making water rates to shoot up in the last two years. Owing to this, Janet is keen to attempt to reduce consumption of water where possible. Finally, the CEO aims to establish some positive changes in the arrangements of the supply chain for the food products that are raw. Currently, GHB’s primary source of supply of dried tropical fruit is South Australia and Darwin. As a result, the cost of transport becomes another critical drain on the finances of the company. However, Janet argues that, despite the limited financial resources, she is willing to spend in order to provide the business with the proper operating system and appropriate Corporate Sustainability profile (Marino, 2015). The information and data sources were primarily from books, journals, records, digital sources and office records.
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