Corporate Tax Rate

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Corporate Taxation: Reducing the Canadian Corporate Rate

Altering the rate of corporate taxation is a vital tool for federal monetary policy when adjusting to the constantly changing local and global economy. The global recession of 2008 has illuminated the political and economic significance of changing the rate of corporate tax in Canada, and has held its effects under great scrutiny. Those that argue for a greater tax burden be placed on the wealthiest businesses demand government intervention, reasoning that increasing tax revenue can decrease the federal deficit and re-allocate money to vital lesser income groups and communities. The opposition contends that the tax revenue gained will ultimately be lost in under-performing
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Domestically, corporate taxes are a significant expense to businesses, so much so that corporations pour massive resources toward acquiring the knowledge to take advantage of not only their local tax system, but also international ones, in order to preserve as much capital as possible. As businesses attempt to attain wealth, they mobilize towards lower-tax jurisdictions. Organizational planning is also affected, as uneven taxes on different types of business entities lead companies like Enron to form network webs of varying entities (Luna, LeAnn, and Murray 2008). Resource allocation to operating tax loopholes and allowances may be considered uneconomic, but is crucial for business survival. Domestic corporate tax rates are also inherently political; as each party has differing mandates towards tax revenue generation and allocation. Governments now must consider tax policy one of the major pieces to their platform. In Canada, the Conservative Party of Canada has stressed the importance of the corporate tax rate as a vital cog in maintaining the health of the economy. Over the last 4 years, the Conservative Party has decreased the net corporate tax rate by 2.5% with intention to lower it further to 15% effective January 1, 2012 (Canada Revenue Agency 2011).
The Liberal Party and the New Democratic Party (NDP) advocate a Keynesian-welfare

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