Essay about Corporate Training Programs

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The most important issue in corporate training industry is the ability of connecting the results of employee training to the bottom line or the return on investment of the company. Evaluating training programs is nothing but assessing its effectiveness and progress continuously. It is necessary because it lets people know their progress and builds their confidence. This article will tell you how to evaluate training programs using different methods. With so many training programs available to us, there is a need for some quick methods or tools to determine which program will suit your need in the best way. For the evaluation to be effective, the training must be appropriate for the employees and the company. You need to ask the following…show more content…
• It improves planning and implementing of such programs in future and helps in justifying and possibly expanding training budgets. Evaluating training program should employ a process that is culturally appropriate and which gives an accurate overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the training program. There are three stages involved in the evaluation process. They are as follows: Evaluate training program through Pertaining Evaluation Pertaining evaluation is the process of judging the value of a training program before it is actually implemented. You can follow these steps for doing pertaining evaluation: • Collect data on the trainees, which include their skills, knowledge and attitude. • Redefine the needs established in the training program plan. • Answer these questions: 1. Is the content of the training appropriate for its objectives? 2. Will it meet a portion of the training needs? 3. Do all the participants in the training agree to the established needs? 4. Will those employees who need training be able to attend it? 5. Will the desired outcome be achieved on meeting the objectives? 6. Will the trainer and the trainees be comfortable with the training methods? • Based on the above steps, measure the suitability of training objectives and the company requirements. Evaluate training program through Formative Evaluation Formative evaluation involves judging the value of a training program while the training
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