Essay on Corporate Wellness Programs

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Corporate Wellness Programs Corporate wellness programs are critical to the fiscal fitness of organizations in the United States today. Corporate wellness programs vary in their methods, but the end goals are the same: decrease medical costs and increase employee productivity. Healthcare costs now consume over 50% of corporate profits and continue to increase at nearly 12% a year (Powell, 1999, p.15). This dramatic rise in costs has caused employers to look for innovative ways to combat the costs. In addition, larger companies now operate with more employees in smaller a space, which creates more stress and allows for ailments to spread faster. Corporate wellness programs focus on a…show more content…
Often these programs offer a bonus tied to documented use of these programs. Generally employees would meet with a consultant to set up a diet and fitness program and they have some type of code to enter to document their usage. In addition, monthly or quarterly evaluations with the trainer would occur so they ensure it’s effective. Another approach has been a work team approach, where the manager encourages his group to workout together achieving personal goals as well as fostering a more productive work environment. In addition, employers also offer confidential counseling and other methods to help combat smoking as well as psychological conditions. These methods have been successful in involving high-risk employees and reducing their risk factor significantly.      Corporate wellness programs have a number of aspects and some are more comprehensive than others but they all primarily focus on preventative care. The most effective preventative tools are proper diet and exercise, which is generally the same thing people hear each time they go to the doctor. Study after study concurs, people that workout and observe a healthy diet, live longer, more productive lives. These same people are healthier more productive employees, so by giving employees free or discounted access to facilities that accomplish those tasks is a sound investment. A good example of this
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