Corporate and Global Strategy: Strategic Management

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Final Year Core Unit

Corporate & Global Strategy

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Maria Allen
Room 901d
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Carole Forbes
Room 901a
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Dr. Panagiotis Kokkalis
Room 808a
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Strategic management has become an integral mechanism for firms operating in the global economy, which is characterised by its high level of integration and cross-national operation. Strategic management issues relate to all aspects of an organisation, including its relationship with the environment and its internal processes. Accordingly, a vast amount of research has been conducted and published in the academic field
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Submission date: Week commencing 16th January 2012

An assessment pro-forma is attached below for guidance.


Course: BA (Hons) Business, BA Combined Honors; BA (Hons) Business Studies Year: Final Subject: Corporate & Global Strategy | Assignment: Strategic Analysis Student: Tutor: | Mark: | 1st:(as 2.i +) creative, innovative, intellectual depth, extraordinary quality of work | 2.i:competent, complete, insight & observation, analytical and critical, total clarity | 2.ii:adequate, good coverage, some sound analysis, allowable flaws | 3rd:just sufficient, some theory, some observation, flawed but not failing | Fail:Simply incomplete OR totally uncritical OR no analysis OR inadequate material | THE INTRODUCTION sets the scene; and it indicates the areas to be covered, and in what order. | 1st 2.i 2.ii 3rd Fail | | THE LITERATURE/SOURCES/ surveyed is adequate in amount and quality, & is relevant to the selected topic. | 1st 2.i 2.ii 3rd Fail | | The DEPTH OF ANALYSIS is sufficient, with a critical approach; underlying concepts are investigated. No unsupported statements: there is evidence for substantial arguments. | 1st 2.i 2.ii 3rd Fail | | THE APPLICATION OF RELEVANT MODELS has an appropriate focus in the analysis of the specific company. | 1st 2.i 2.ii 3rd Fail | | THE CONCLUSIONS, drawn from the
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