Corporate identity

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The research register for this journal is available at European Journal of Marketing 35,3/4 248 The current issue and full text archive of this journal is available at Corporate identity, corporate branding and corporate marketing Seeing through the fog John M.T. Balmer Bradford School of Management, The University of Bradford, UK Keywords Corporate identity, Corporate Communications, Brands, Corporate image Abstract Outlines 15 explanations for the fog which has enveloped the nascent domains of corporate identity and corporate marketing. However, the fog surrounding the area has a silver lining. This is because the fog has, unwittingly, led…show more content…
In their composite they represent a veritable firmament with the potential to form the key building blocks of a new area of management. However, while the area is likely to be enthusiastically embraced by marketing scholars since it supports a number of concepts that have a long lineage in the marketing discipline ± branding, communications, image, reputation, and identity ± these concepts, when applied to the corporate level, are invariably more complicated than when simply applied to products. Furthermore, such corporate concerns are inextricably linked to questions pertaining to corporate strategy and to organisational behaviour and human resources. As such, marketing at the corporate level requires a radical reappraisal in terms of its philosophy, content, management and process. The article opens with a brief overview of the growing consensus gentium among many management/scholars with regard to the importance of the identity concept. This is followed by an examination of the 15 reasons for the cause of the fog. In focusing on these reasons it is hoped that marketing and management scholars will concentrate on the opportunities, rather than the difficulties, associated with the identity concept. What is clear is that the identity concept is particularly salient for a host of management disciplines and provides a new, supplemental lens by which an organisation’s quintessential attributes may be revealed,
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