Corporation Involvement in Public Schools Essay

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Corporations seem to always find a way to stick their nose in everything, specifically in public schools. Since public schools are dealing with declining budgets, they must get financial support from U.S. corporations. Some critics debate whether these corporations getting involved actually aid or disturb students to succeed. Corporations are using public schools as a platform for advertising their brand in exchange for some type of support for the school. This, I believe, is potentially significant to both the corporations and schools. Corporations getting involved in public schools is very much beneficial because it gives the corporation increased visibility, expanded workforce, ways to create incentive programs, fundraising, and…show more content…
These corporations are only worried about increasing sales and having their name on anything possible, not enhancing the education of our students. Public schools are dealing with insufficient funds and resources, and at the same time are being asked to have their students perform at the highest level possible. The only way to reach these requirements is to get corporations involved to bring in money. School officials must make the right decision on which coprpotations they would like to be a part with the school. There have been many corporations that have made a positive influence on these public schools. For example, a company called Sweat Equity Enterpirses, which designs new fashion, shoes and other products, sponsers an after school program that works with the disadvantaged youth in the New York area. The students get involved with the whole designing process, and it’s a way for the children to build self esteem and express their creativity. Corporations also tend to get involved with public schools because it helps them shape future employees, which is an indispensable way to spend its money. IBM, for example, is one company that tends to donate to most public schools. Between 1994 and 2004, IBM’s Reinventing Education initative awarded $75 million in grants to various public schools. They also donated some of their workers to help the
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