Corporation and Company Law

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Books and materials

Leading text

• Dignam & Lowry, Company Law, 5th edition (2009)* ** • Hicks & Goo’s Cases and Materials on Company Law, 7th edition 2011** • Mayson, French and Ryan on Company Law, 26th edition (2010) • Bourne on Company Law, 5th edition

* Dignam & Lowry, Company Law, 6th edition (2012) may be published August 2012
** These books will be used as the module readers

Additional reading:

The latest editions of:

• Gower and Davies’ Principles of Modern Company Law, Even if you do not purchase a copy of this book it is highly recommended that you read this comprehensive coverage of modern company law.
• Company Law by Hannigan. This is a substantive company law textbook but
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et al The Anatomy of Corporate Law, OUP 2004
Fansworth, K. Corporate Power and Social Policy in a Global Economy: British Welfare under the Influence, Bristol, Policy Press 2004
Hopt, K.J. and Wymeersch, E. Capital Markets and Company Law, OUP, 2003
Dow, G.K. Governing the Firm: Workers’ Control in Theory and Practice, Cambridge University Press 2003
Macmillan, F., “International Corporate Law Annual” (2003) Vol 2 2002
Roe, Mark J., “Political determinants of corporate governance” (2003) HN 1500.R6
De Lacy, J., “The reform of United Kingdom company law” (2002)
Keenan, Denis, “Business law” (2002)
Sugarman, D and Andenas, M. Developments in European Company Law, 2000
Parkinson, J. et al (eds) The Political Economy of the Company 2000 Hart Publishing HV 1200 P6
R. Dore Stock Market Capitalism: Welfare Capitalism. Japan and Germany versus the Anglo-Saxons (2000) HN5208.4.D6
R. Grantham & C. Rickett (eds.) Corporate Personality in the Twentieth Century (1998) KN261.C6
Gobert, J. and Punch, M. Rethinking Corporate Crime, Lexis Nexis 2003
D. Milman (ed.) Regulating Enterprise: Law and Business Organisation in the UK (1999) KN250.R3 – 2 copies in library, including one in SRC
BAK Rider (ed.) The Corporate Dimension (1998) KN261.C6 (SRC)
BAK Rider (ed.) The Realm of Company Law (1998) KN250.R3 SRC
Macmillan (ed) Perspectives on Company Law:2 Kluwer 1997 KN 261.P3
Rider, The Corporate Dimension 1998
Berns, S., and
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