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Question 4.
It is overwhelming how corporations have embedded a social responsibility in their mission statements and company objectives. This leaves us with one assertion that is that corporations do have some level of obligation towards society’s morality; however, the corporation itself is not a moral agent (Klaus M. Leisinger). The discussion that follows is about corporations being moral agents or otherwise; however I will reach a conclusion that corporations do have an obligation that extends beyond obeying the law; evens so this obligation have been derived from the corporations quest for profit making. Corporation’s obligation
A corporate company has social responsibilities that affect the public and their business is society’s
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In so doing, corporations does not go empty handed; the reward is profits for its owners and management. The society benefits more in terms of growth and satisfaction in different respects. Company goals nowadays incorporate morals or some statements that linger on ethical behavior and morality, hence companies have a social responsibility as defined by their very own mission statements and objectives. This further attests to the notion that there is a social contract to deliver what society deems necessary to achieve developmental growth.

A corporation has the means and ability to lure society towards a product that is more of profit making for the corporation than a need for the society. It makes simple sense that if corporations lure society to use a product of its own creation, the product need to be otherwise morally and ethically right for the group/society in question. If the product does not adhere to the morals of the society, a law may be created to deter the supply of such a product. E.g., meat products in India need to be Hallal to cater for the society’s religion (Muslims). This builds from the fact that corporations are a means to an end which is profit making, however in achieving this end, corporations are required to be within a certain framework as dictated by the rules and laws which apply to that specific society. These rules are simply a guide to which the actions of a
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