Corporations Make America The Money Hungry Place

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Corporations make America the money-hungry place that is critiqued worldwide. Without the major corporations we see today, like Walmart, Target, and Mcdonald’s, 27 million people would be unemployed and they are very well aware of that (Zillman, Claire). If these giants embody what is wrong in America, why should they have the right to contribute to the candidate they want to help elect? The CEOs of these companies have personal interests they want to protect. These individuals have earned money on the backs of the 27 million people, we should be protecting Main Street, not Wall Street. The Federal Election Commission should reserve the right to limit and close the checkbooks of the people that believe they can buy anything they wish. In the film Citizens of Koch, republican nominee hopeful Roemer for the 2012 election, said, “Listen to me America, you are unimportant. They do not care about you because you do not bring a check.” The agenda of the one percent is to completely handicap the rest in order to further indulge their enormous pockets. Major CEOs of Fortune 500 companies believe just because they make more than the rest of the planet they can practice and manipulate any belief that pops into their brains. A loophole found to deceive the Federal Election Commision, was to have pop-up corporations that disappear as fast as they appear, come election time. These corporations are called shell corporations. Shell corporations are called shell corporations…

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