Corporations and the economy Essay

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Corporations and the Economy

     Economics is a very broad yet complex subject. Sometimes, in order to get a better view of the picture as a whole, it is useful to make an up-close and in-depth analysis of the elements which make up an economy. Examining the details of this topic can offer a revealing look into what composes a complex society such as that of America. Two very basic elements to be reviewed are ‘producers’ and ‘consumers’ and the relation that exists between the two. More specifically, as in the article I have chosen to review, how it is that a producer reaches its consumer, how their market is defined and what effects marketing has on both the targeted audience and third party members.
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     You don’t have to be a football fan to look forward to the biggest NFL game of the year. In recent years, the commercials aired during the game have become as much of a crowd winner as the game itself. This boom in popularity has set the stage for one of the largest advertising fiascos of the year. With the eyes of millions of potential buyers glued to the T.V. set for the four hour time slot, manufacturers and retailers have poured countless resources into producing and airing ads that will satisfy the ever-higher expectations of the viewing public and entice them to spend their money on the goods they offer. Companies bid millions of dollars for a thirty second time slot during the highly publicized game and none of the mega-spenders have more stock in the event than the ‘King of Beers,’ Budweiser. This year the brewery giant is running ten ads during the Super Bowl valued at more than $25 million dollars. Overall the company has spent more than $100 million dollars in advertising through the NFL alone. Anheuser-Busch expenditures on sports advertising total over $300 million dollars annually and it is Mr. Ponturo who they pay to decide how this money should be

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