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Responses: The response is the behaviour that the therapist wants to see occur from the learner after the antecedent is presented. The responses in the video matched those that were in the lesson plan except for one of the five. The only incorrect response was that Timmy forgot to put on the moustache with the nose in number one. In this situation I prompted him with a gestural prompt to obtain the correct response. Consequences: Consequences are the results when the expected response is provided by the learner. The consequences that were described in the lesson plan were the same as the consequences that were in the video. 1. Moustache and nose are on Mr. Potato Head in correct locations- consequence, “Great Job!” -Verbal reinforce, Play continues- tangible reinforcer-toy. 2. “Wonderful! That is Mr. Potato Head’s mustache.” - Verbal reinforcer. Play continues- tangible reinforcer-toy. 3. Child correctly attaches mouth to Mr. Potato Head- consequence, “Right! Let’s put it on Mr. Potato Head.” - Verbal reinforce, Play continues- tangible reinforcer-toy. 4. “Great asking!”- Verbal reinforce, IT presents eyes to child-consequence, and Play continues- tangible reinforcer-toy. 5. “Way to go! Mr. Potato Head’s sees with his…show more content…
Potato Head (for the video, I was only able to get one). Having two Mr. Potato Heads would have made things go quicker, so that we could have covered more in the time allotted. As well it would have been easier to show on another Mr. Potato Head what to do in sequences, rather than doing on one toy then having to remove the items for learner to do. Having a picture of the completed Mr. Potato Head might have been helpful particularly for a visual learner. We didn’t use a picture schedule for this scenario as Timmy was familiar with the toy and how to use it, but for another child this might be
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