Correcting Wrong Site Anesthesia Errors

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Correcting Wrong Site Anesthesia Errors
Terresa L. Roulhac
National University
There are number of issues facing healthcare in the United States that are not exclusive to one area and often occur during routine tasks. Although many of these issues are addressed on a daily basis, the need to fix them is still important. Medical errors are a continuous problem seen nationwide in hospitals and surgical centers. More exclusively wrong site peripheral nerve blocks have been seen in hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers across the United States (Hudson, & Sullivan, 2012). The first section of the paper takes a look at a number of reasons why peripheral nerve block errors occur and the risk factors associated with them.
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See Figure 1 for a detailed example of the difference between popliteal and femoral nerve block approaches.
There are a number of reasons why Medical errors occur and causes that can be addressed. Wrong site anesthesia nerve blocks are preventable medical errors and the occurrences of these errors are a concern for medical staff each day.
Because to Err is human, operating room staff members should have fail-safe provisions in place in an attempt to prevent wrong site nerve block errors from happening.
There are a number of potential causes of popliteal and femoral nerve block errors that can be broken down into process factors and system factors. System factors focus on the lack of checklists, and the exclusion of certain surgical teams members. Whereas, process factors focus on things like, inadequate communication with team members or one patient having multiple procedures done. (Mulloy & Hughes, 2008) Table 1. Gives a more detail breakdown between system factors and process factors that contribute to medical errors.
Benchmarking can be a successful tool to determine root causes and potential solutions to a problem. Benchmarking allows for an organization to compare themselves to others in the same field and gauge what works and hasn’t work for others. (Suttle, n.d.) One tool that can

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