Correction Officers And Problems Of Correctional Officers

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Correction Officers and problems they Deal With The problems that correctional officers deal with are low paid, and not enough people to do the job. They also have to deal with prisoner who have mental health problems and are not in their right mind. They also have to be on the lookout for ones who want to cause harm to others or the guards. They make shank and blowdarts that they can kill or harm another with. The inmates get new law that is in their favor every day while we lose more and more of our right so we are at a disadvantage. The guards need a way to be trained about the new laws. The guards are at a disadvantage and need help to be able to try to stay up with the inmates Correction’s officers {According to Peter Finn from Abt Associates, Inc. show that studies and anecdotal evidence indicate correctional officer stress is widespread due to the threat of inmate violence against correctional officers, actual violence committed by inmates, inmate demands and manipulation, and problems with co-workers.} He said that some of the factors are understaffing, overtime, shift work, low pay and the poor public image that officer have. I found an article by {Cece Hill} {where they did a survey of 44 U.S. correction systems. 44 percent of which reported problems with officer recruitment and some of the obstacles were rural locations and lack of resources for competitive wages. Despite efforts at retention the turnover rates for the first year correctional officers stood at a
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