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CORRECTIONAL ADMINISTRATION CHIVAS GOCELA DULGUIME, R.C I. INTRODUCTION PENOLOGY - the study of punishment of crime. - a branch of Criminology dealing with prison management, and the deterrence and reformatory treatment of criminals. SOURCES OF THE TERM PENOLOGY: a. Peno was derived from Greek word “piono” and from the Latin word “poena”, both terms mean punishment. b. Logy was from the Latin word “logos”, meaning science. c. Penology distinguish from Penitentiary Science- Penology deals with the various means of fighting crimes as regards to penalties and other measures of security, while Penitentiary Science is limited only to the study of penalties dealing with deprivation of liberty.  The Golden Age of Penology - the period…show more content…
Retribution/ Personal vengeance/ Revenge. The most common ancient justification of punishment, and this is called the Law of Vendetta. The Code of Hammurabi. The oldest written penal law in Babylonia in 1750 that stopped the ancient practice of retribution or personal vengeance and punishment became the responsibility of the state. This code of laws was a compilation of the laws of the Semetic tribes, and was written on stone. It instituted the law of the Talon (Les Taliones) w/c means that the state would mete out punishment equally, as “an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth.”  PUNISHMENT IN PRIMITIVE SOCIETY Most common Punishments. 1. Death a. Crucifixion b. Beheading c. Hanging d. Impaling e. Drowning f. Burning 2. Physical torture a. Flogging b. Dismemberment and starvation c. Public humiliation d. Stocks e. Pillory f. Docking tools g. Branding and banks h. Mutilation 3. Imprisonment a. Confinement in dungeons, galleys, hulks, jails, houses of corrections, work houses and penitentiaries. 4. Fines and forfeiture of property  CAPITAL PUNISHMENT. It is the infliction of death penalty upon a person who committed a serious crime.  CORPORAL PUNISHMENT. It is the infliction of physical pain upon a convicted criminal. Social Justification of Penalty 1. Prevention- the state must punish the criminal to prevent or suppress the danger to the state arising from the criminal acts of the offender. 2.
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