Correctional Facilities and Environments

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Processes of Correctional Environments: Correctional facilities play an integral role in the criminal justice system as many individuals who are convicted of offenses are normally placed on probation rather than being sent to prison. In other cases, convicted criminals who have served their jail terms are usually released on parole. In addition to meeting other requirements, criminals are required to stay out of trouble during parole and probation periods. In order to prevent offenders from committing new offenses; probation, parole, and correctional treatments officers and specialists are involved in supervision of these criminals. Probation officers are involved in supervising criminals placed on probation rather than prison while parole officers supervise those who have been released from prison. On the other hand, correctional treatment specialists counsel criminals and develop rehabilitation plans for them to follow upon their release from prison or parole. Processes of Jails, Prisons, Probation, and Parole: As part of accomplishing their mandates, probation and parole officers usually meet the offenders through personal contact with them and their families. These officers meet with the criminals in their homes and employment places for therapy sessions and also seek help from community organizations and other necessary institutions and groups. In some cases, parole and probation processes involve the requirement for the offenders to wear electronic devices so
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