Correctional Housing Assignments And Proper Offender Classification

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Correctional housing assignments and proper offender classification is a vital part of the correctional system. The careful decision making and calculated placing of offenders aids in ensuring a correctional facilities future success, when dealing with so many diverse groups of offenders that are to be housed every day. Administrative segregation and protective custody housing are two of the primary tools that allow correctional staff to maintain order. Administrative segregation is used to control certain inmates of a prison population who cannot function properly within the general population. Ad-Seg or Solitary confinement is a form of punishment that inmates will be subjected to because they are not adhering to prison rules. The amount of time an inmate will be placed in Ad-Seg usually depends on the severity of the offense that they have committed. An inmate is put into a tiny cell by themselves for periods of up to 23 hours a day. There is no outside contact except from the prison staff and this is only to deliver food and medications if needed. The inmate may be let out of his or her cell for one hour a day to shower or exercise but even this activity is done in total isolation. Many of the new Super-Maximum security prisons are set up to house their inmates in a totally administrative segregation system. These prisons usually house the worst of the worst criminals that have either been convicted of committing repeated horrendous criminal acts and or have

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