Correctional Institutes Do Not Correct or Rehabilitate Prisoners

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Emile Durkheim puts forth the sociological theory that individuals are overwhelmingly a product of their environment. Thus, societies directly influence their members' perspectives and qualities of life. The same theory can apply to the American correctional system. Segregation in prison, whether according to race, gang affiliation, or religion, allows for the reinforcement of the group mentality within the individual through cultural transmission. Rather than rehabilitating, then, the correctional system only further socializes a criminal mentality among its inmates that directly contributes to the high rates of rearrests within a three-year period follow release. The reentry in to society is unjust for individuals (offenders) and…show more content…
Crime is the end product of various social process, especially inappropriate socialization and social learning” (Schmalleger, 2014, p.83-99). Therefore, the segregation of a community and separation in of race, religion, gang affiliation would prove to be in appropriate in our society. Whether that the correction system is just saving themselves form hard work they are doing and injustice to society and the offender by the allowance of such separation ”segregation” of filling the offenders by such unrepeatable nature. The allowance is furthering their alliance of different or similar and more deviant nature for a superior cause for religion or gang. A family member of mine stated upon entrance of “Rikers Island’ stated he was not of gang affiliate, but labeled as thus. Although knowing thus, why would this be a necessary means of knowledge if the process were to instill law-abiding behavior? Segregation in to his group of choice is comfort to a cause of the same societal environment that he surrounded his self with this cannot help rehabilitation. Now let us move on to retribution, the process to repay for something that has been fault by an individual “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Newton third law of motion, it has well known properties that this is relative to reality of society as well. If social harm has taken place, there must be an equal substantive reaction. I agree greatly, but to what extent do we keep penalizing society’s
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