Correctional Officers Vs. Prison Guards

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Correctional officers or prison guards: these classifications are used to identify those in authority in institutions throughout the world. Correctional institutions in the United States are formulated on fairness and productivity, and the administrators within the institutions are held at the highest responsibility to see fit the safety and wellness of inmates during their time of rehabilitation. However, with the vast exposure of insubordination overtime, prison guards are being targeted as the true criminals. In certain cases, correctional officers are abusing their authority and neglecting inmate’s constitutional rights. This misconduct has tainted the integrity of correctional officers throughout much of the United States. Evidently, I will further demonstrate the unlawful misconduct among those in positions as correctional officers, the reason for their misconduct, and their effects on inmates.
Correctional institutions regarding to the prisoners throughout the United States vary in population, classification of offenders, race, and gender; however, the administrators within each institution remain consistent and are set forth to abide by certain regulations. Correctional officers are responsible for countless individuals’ safety during their time of incarceration. Many times the ratio of inmates to prison guards are greater in population. According to, the federal Prison Build Up, by Nathan James, “The inmate-to-staff ratio has increased from 4.1 inmates per staff
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