Essay about Correctional System

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The U.S. correctional system has come under critical public scrutiny which has corrections administrators scrambling to find ways to run effective correctional facilities. The reality of corrections administration today is that it is changing. Major issues of this changing environment include ongoing budget concerns, privatization, technology, overcrowding, program issues, personnel management, security issues, and legal issues. This paper examines these current issues facing correctional administrators today.
Budget issues in today’s tight economy are a constant source of pressure on correctional agencies who must find new ways to accomplish their mission. Budget pressures have forced some states to delay opening new facilities because
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They also contribute to other issues that will be discussed, such as overcrowding, program issues, threats of privatization, and technology. Many of these issues would not exist or be so problematic if administrators had adequate funding to operate their facilities properly.
Wardens and administrators in today’s correctional facilities face new challenges that make it increasingly more difficult to keep peace inside prison walls. The increased use of technological innovations allows correctional facility operations to be more efficient, and more importantly, keep environments safe and secure, but they can also put added pressure on correctional managers to decide how to fit this new technology into their facilities and budgets. Prison personnel rely on technology such as monitoring equipment, restraint devices, and security systems to keep facilities secure. One major challenge is the introduction of narcotics in the prison setting. A large portion of those in prison are there because of illicit drug use or drug-related offenses. If corrections administrators don’t have a way to keep this and other forms of contraband out, the system fails. Proper technology allows staff to monitor prisoner movement and prevent the influx of contraband into the facility. Much of the funds allocated to state and federal prisons go to other programs when more funding could be allocated to the increased use of preventative and informative technologies.
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