Essay about Corrections: Prison and Incarceration

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Treatment and Punishment of Offenders in 1970s
In the 1970s disturbances were common in the correctional system; riots would break out in order for inmates to express their desire for reform and changes in rules. Inmates didn’t approve of the crowded living conditions, harsh rules, poor food, excessive punishment, and guard brutality. Inmates demanded change in the correctional system starting with those involving basic conditions to those concerning basic rights. The prisoners were not given the opportunity to express their feeling of deprivation in the correctional system that was until the upcoming of the ombudsman (Allen, J., & Ponder, 2010).
Secure Holding and/or Monitoring of Offenders 1970s
At the start of the “modern era” inmate
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This type of program costs less to administer and is believed to act as deterrent to future crime. The program is especially effective among juvenile offenders. Another alternative to incarceration is Intensive supervisory probation or ISP. This program involves increased contact with a probation officer, sometimes five visits a week. Some requirements of this program can include curfew, employment, random drug testing, and community service. The home confinement service, with the electronic monitoring device is another alternative to incarceration. Many prison systems also expanded their range of correctional programming to include work release facilities, community correctional facilities, and halfway houses. The number of people under one sort of correctional supervision or another has skyrocketed. This is due to the growing problem of overcrowding in prisons (Community Corrections & Alternatives to Incarceration, 2009)
How the 1980s Affected Correctional System Today
The country being accused of being soft on crime is the political kiss of death. The death penalty enjoys reappearance as more and more states reincorporate it as a punishment. With little thought to the cost or where it will lead, the nation goes after crime, drugs, criminals, and addicts with bloodthirsty revenge (Crackdown, 2009). The correctional system in 19080 and the correctional system today
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