Corrections: Restorative Justice

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March 12, 2012
Correctional officers are in charge of overseeing individuals who have been arrested and are currently awaiting trial, and those that have been convicted of a crime and sentenced to serve a sentence in jail of prison (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010-11). Correctional officers usually have no law enforcement duties outside of a prison of jail facility they work at maintaining order within the institute and they over see many inmates preventing assault, disturbances, and escapes. The job of a correctional officer can be very dangerous and stressful, correctional officers are forced to work around offenders from nonviolent to offenders considered very dangerous. Correctional officers work
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As the years and decades past prisons became used for more than cheap labor force. The punitive arm of the prison system was utilized as a deterrent for would-be criminals as they may disrupt society. With the institution of the prison system in the United States of America it was full on a fulcrum against violators of social and criminal law.
There is a growing concern among Americans that the punitive arm of the criminal justice system is not working to reduce crime in America. Thus, the second influence on the correctional system in the United States of America focused on restorative justice. The restorative justice movement is based on the understanding that regardless of the crime committed by a citizen and a number of years that he or she are incarcerated for at some point he or she will be released back into the mainstream of society. Restorative justice is used to help reinvigorate those citizens back into society with a better opportunity for success outside of the prison system. The correctional system is designed to help facilitate not only the incarceration of inmates but also the reintegration and monitoring of individuals who are attempting to be productive members of mainstream society. In this venue the influence of the correctional system plays an important role as guide and counselor for former inmates on his or her road to a successful and fruitful life outside of
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