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When it comes to corrections, it is clear what their mission is and that is to incarcerate criminals, however it also ensures that those incarcerated receive treatment to prepare them for reintegration and reentry into society. Ever since the creation of prisons, some wonder how we managed to survive without them in the past. Unfortunately, we do have neither the resources nor the capital to incarcerate all who chose to engage in criminal behavior. Utilizing other programs like probation are needed in order to accommodate those who wish to offend. According to McShane and Emeka (2011) there is currently over 5 million probationers and parolees in the United States and these programs represents almost 70% of all who are under criminal …show more content…
In an article by Grohs (2013) stated that:
…on May 23, 2013 the Supreme Court ruled that the conditions in the California prison system were so bad that they violated the Eighth Amendment and the CDCR needed to reduce the prison population by 30,000 inmates.

The public is concerned because; some of those offenders will end up living among us in our neighborhoods. It appears like the Supreme Court officials have forgotten that the offenders that they are releasing are criminals. Why are these officials willing to place a large amount of these offenders that were convicted by the courts back into society and jeopardize our public safety? I am concerned that due to the high case load our probation and parole officers face that many of these offenders will go unsupervised. Fortunately, our corrections system still continues to hire new officer to help with probation and parole which are the two major programs that track and ensure most of these offenders are being supervised and they also help with prison overcrowding. Probation has been part of our society for many years. Probation was first used as a rehabilitative and supervisory tool to keep those low-level offenders out of jail. Today it is used as a strict supervisory tool that monitors offenders at home. Our corrections system is constantly changing and
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