Corrections and the Criminal Justice System

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Corrections does not always mean punishment; in the United States they expect their inmates to read the bible to reflect on their wrongdoings. In the criminal justice system there are three major components: police, courts, and corrections. The police investigate crimes and arrest suspects handing over the evidence and investigative information to the court system. Prosecutors determine whether a crime has been committed and if it is probable cause to believe that the suspect has committed the crime. If the offender is found guilty, the court sentences him or her to the appropriate sentence within the penal code. Part of corrections includes probation, prison, parole, residential community placement, and revocation of probation and parole. However, there are a couple of things that do not fall under the correctional system, they are supervision during bail, detention in jail, diversion programs, and intermediate sanctions. Corrections is believed to be responsible for administering punishment to criminals. They prevent future crime through deterrence and incapacitation, limiting offenders' the opportunity to commit further crimes, or reducing their inclination to commit crimes as a result of correctional treatments. In the Criminal Justice world the jail and prisons play an extremely important role to society. These facilities have a history just like any other part of Criminal Justice,…
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