Corrective Response Essay

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Corrective Approach:
Responding to Moderate Crisis or Inappropriate Behaviour to Avoid Escalation
Mendler (cited in Charles and Senter, 2005, p. 136) states that when educators respond to misbehaviour, children may fight back and a power struggle will begin. To avoid this, educators must allow for ration discussion of the inappropriate behaviour, which cannot be done if the educator embarrasses or angers the child. When responding to inappropriate behaviour in an early childhood setting, I would focus on active listening without judgement, as this helps the child feel important and they feel encouraged to solve their problems. I would also use private dialogue with a PEP strategy. This involves using privacy, eye contact, and proximity (Mendler,
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Fox, Dunlap, Hemmeter, Joseph, and Strain state that positive relationships between educators and children are essential to effective guidance of behaviours (2003). To restore relationships in an early childhood setting I would use restorative practices, which Hendry states, is when positive relationships are restored when there has been conflict (2009). The focus of restorative practices is on the harm. Who is responsible for the conflict and what can be done to restore the relationship (Australian Council for Educational Research, 2008). Harrison suggests that this approach is based on the following principles: focusing on the relationship and how the people are impacted; restoring the relationship; talk about the conflict without it becoming personal; see inappropriate behaviour as a learning experience; and talk about how to make the relationship better in the future (2006). I would focus on restoring the relationship to at least create a sense of belonging for the child, and reflect on how I could have prevented the damage from
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