Correia Middle School: A Short Story

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Quite a while ago, I was taking 8th grade at Correia Middle School. It was a few months into the 2nd semester, and I already lost my phone because I had a “D” in one of my classes, and only my computer was available to use for entertainment and resources (my sister and I had computers that we could use for recreation and homework, but my sister’s was taken away at the time), so my sister and I had to share it. My dad put a password on the computer that we had so we don’t use it for non-productive stuff when we’re supposed to be doing homework, chores, or other things we do daily. But one day, before my dad was going to karate classes, he forgot to log the computer off before he left the house. After waiting until he drove out of sight, I did one of the most regretful things. I snuck…show more content…
The only things that remained in my computer’s spot was my monitor, my mouse, and all of the cords that were plugged into the computer strewn about my desk and my floor. I was going to explode with fear and sadness. “What am I going to tell my sister?!” I thought “How did he find out?!” The only thing I could do after that was to get started on the load of homework that I had. After 2 hours of doing my homework, my dad had a talk with me about the whole situation. He talked to me about being responsible when he leaves stuff the way they’re not supposed to. And after making a few excuses about my trouble, dad told me this, “Drake, you can’t just deny that you did it. I already know that you did what you did, and there’s no avoiding the consequences, so you’ll just have to eat it. Not to mention, this will affect your sister as well, because she uses that computer, too.” Sure enough, my sister was furious when she got home from her choir classes. She looked like she wanted to bury me alive. I learned that day that I have to think about how others will be affected when certain actions are
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