Correlation Between First And Secondary Psychopathy And Cognitive Empathy Essay

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Abstract The aim of the current study was to determine the correlations between First and Secondary Psychopathy and Cognitive Empathy. We developed two hypotheses, (the first based off our intel from Chamorro-Premuzic, 2010) that Primary Psychopathy and Empathy will be negatively correlated whereas Secondary Psychopathy and Empathy will be positively correlated . Our subject pool consisted of 452 participants, 113 male and 339 female, where they completed a questionnaire of 2-parts; each part determinant of either Psychopathy or Empathy. The scores were correlated against one another, finding an insignificant negative association for each relationship, hence partially supporting our first hypothesis and contrasting our second. Conclusions were made that both primary and secondary psychopathy are not determinants for empathy scores. Intro Psychopathy is a personality disorder that can characterised into two types; Primary and Secondary Psychopathy. We learnt that generally Psychopaths have average to above average intelligence in comparison to what is considered your normal human being, they are often drawn to inflicting pain on animals/children/peers and lack the emotional capacity to feel remorse and/or feel any sort of emotional connection. (Hare et Al., 1991; Williamson, Hare & Wong, 1987). Primary Psychopathy is characterized by fearlessness, poor passive avoidance, weak electrodermal anticipation of punishment, and average levels of positive and negative emotionality.
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