Correlation Between Frequency And Sexual Activity

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Purpose: The overall purpose and hypothesis of this study was to explore if both duration and frequency are positively and significantly correlated with both relationship and sexual satisfaction. It was also to clarify the question,”Which metric provides more information about relationship outcomes?” The study uses a sample of men and women in same-sex and mixed-sex relationships to achieve a wide sample of participants. There are many group differences, such as the amount of sexual activities being performed and the varied types of sexual acts being executed, which makes this a diverse study. Since there are so many studies regarding the link between frequency and sexual activity, Blair states that researchers are also trying to determine if the duration of a sexual encounter is an additionally important factor in a failed or successful long-lasting relationship. Methods: The participants in this study were found using advertising methods, and were willing to be a part of it with their own consent. This is an empirical research study because it uses actual statistics rather than quoting the experts. It is also a quantitative study because it results in statistical information and conclusive findings. There was a mixture of female same-sex, female mixed-sex, male same-sex, and male mixed-sex couples participating. Many people joined this study, but some had to be removed because they were not in a romantic relationship and some did not want to answer the questions being
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