Correlation Between Light Intensity And Distance

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DISCUSSION What are the physical principles being investigated in this lab? In this experiment, we used a Vernier Light Sensor in order to measure light intensity at a variety of distance from a small source light. The objective of this experiment is to find a mathematical relationship between the light intensity and distance. 2. How do your results verify the principles being investigated? Discuss and evaluate the results, including percent errors and percent differences. The purpose of the lab is to examine the relationship between the distance of light traveling and its intensity. Based on the data we can observe that the intensity is proportional to the inverse of the distance squared. As the distance from the light source increases, the recorded intensity of the light decreases; therefore, the intensity is proportional to the inversely of the distance square. A formula y = abx is the formula for exponential decay. In exponential decay, the rate of change decreases over time, the rate of the decay becomes slower as time passes. Which correlates with the idea that as distance increases, the intensity of the light becomes dimmer. Einstein stated, “If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn’t be called research!” With that being said, while attempting any experiment, there is always a significant chance of something going wrong. In our data, we needed to find the power fit from the inverse power graph, y = abx. We used the Vernier Computer Interface (VCI) to collect
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