Correlation Between Low Gpa And High Gpa Group

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The researchers estimate that higher GPA group will do better in all of these four items, motivation, choices, cognition, and emotions. Even though there are not contradictions between data and our estimation, there are only slight improvements on these four mediators between choices and cognition of high GPA group and low GPA group (see figure 2). In details, the motivation of these two groups have the same median (0.64), but the high GPA group are more diverse with a higher standard deviation (0.29). By contrast, the high GPA group has a higher average of choice (M=0.38, SD=0.05) and stress coping (M=0.47, SD=0.03). The point estimations (M=0.72) of the two groups in cognition are the same. To sum, there is no significant differences of…show more content…
To resolve the language obstacle, most students preview the teaching materials in order to enhance English understanding in class periods. Except for stress for English learning environment, stresses also come from exams. As for stresses from test, most of the students in the survey believe that the study supports from professors matter a lot. They think their test stresses would be greatly reduced if professors have clear instructions on exams. Besides exam, homework is another essential elements for academic learning. As for the attitude on the homework, 50% (7) of the students think homework is important for improving learning level and they would put efforts to finish their homework. However, others might not believe they have the ability to handle the homework, even though they also attach importance on homework. In detail, 30% (5) of the students fail to complete homework because it is too hard to do. By contrast, 20% (3) of the students think homework is not important. In a sum, if students have higher self-efficacy, they would be more likely to put efforts in homework and be more likely to accomplish it. Discussion The purpose of this study was to test how choice, cognition, emotion and motivation affect the students’ performance. GPA was selected to be a specific form of academic performance. We predicted that all the four mediators had positive relationship with students’ GPA. In this study, high GPA group perform well
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