Correlation Between Low Literacy Skills And Prison

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Majority of the studies reviewed based on data collected from research studies showed that there’s definitely a correlation between low literacy skills and prison. The research articles focused on the low literacy skill sets for African Americans, specifically African American Males. The accusations stating that prisons build their future prison beds based from the third grade reading scores, have not been proven to be true, but also have not been proven all the way false (Glod & Helderman, 2009). Many says it’s just an urban myth that was carried out throughout the years, but truthfully have not been utilized as an resource mechanism to actually produce prison beds (Glod & Helderman, 2009). The research also reported many barriers for the African American literacy level. The research also focused on the new innovative learning methods to produce and promote reading amongst the African American young males. Stepping out the traditional school setting and empowering the barbershops while engaging the community allowed the barbers and adult clients help enhance reading and identify it with the African American culture (Brinson, 2007). By breaking the research down into four categories has helped structuring this review of the literature (articles). African American literacy levels compared to its counterparts, according to KIDS COUNT Data Center stated White male students are three times more likely to be reading proficiently in the fourth grade than their African-American…
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