Correlation Between Mass Media And Digital Media Essay

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Convergence is a term used by various disciplines to ‘describe and analyse processes of change toward uniformity or union’ (p. 1) as said by Latzer (2013). In relation to mass communication, media convergence incorporates insights and methods to describe, characterises and understanding of digital media (Latzer, 2013). Convergence adequately describes the relationship between mass media and digital media. Mass media refers to ability to communicate openly and internationally to many receivers within a limited amount of time. The latest digital forms have expanded speed, capacity, and transmission efficiently of mass media platforms (Mcquail, 2000).

According to Jenkins (2006) convergence describes the technological, industrial, cultural and social changes in the ways media flows within our culture. This includes content circulation across multiple media platforms, cooperation between multiple media industries, search for new structure of old and new media financing, and the migratory behaviour of media audiences who can interact in multiple environments (Jenkins, 2006). Media convergence can be described as the phenomenon involving interconnection of information and communication technologies, computer networks, and media content. It is a direct consequence of media content digitisation and internet popularisation. It has transforms established industries and services enabling emergence of new forms of content. The long established media industry and content has been
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