Correlation Between Media Multitasking And The Differences Of Working Memory And Long Term Memory

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This article investigates the correlation between media multitasking and the differences of working memory and long-term memory in heavy media multitaskers and low media multitaskers. The data was collected from one hundred forty three participants ranging in ages from 18-35. The study was conducted from the Stanford University community. The researchers of this study explore the possibilities of multitasking in relation to working and long-term memory. The results showed that there were four significant findings. A limitation of this study was that the correlation of student academic outcome and media multitasking was used only by a correlation design study. Although, this design suggests that a relationship exist between two variables, the study cannot prove that one variable had a negative or positive effect change in another variable. Keywords: media multitasking index, HMMs (heavy media multitaskers), LMMs (light media multitaskers)
Media Multitasking and Memory: Differences in Working Memory and Long-Term Memory The world is overrun with the media and multitasking. Therefore, with information so readily accessible that it seems almost impossible for your working and long-term memory to retrieve and hold memory in the mind. This article investigated how the attention of impulse relates to the level of which participants multitasked with the media. The study hypothesized that frequent multitasking induces psychosocial and cognitive
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