Correlation Between The Level Of Education And The Health Status

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Abstract This extended essay investigates the correlation in between the level of education and the health status over the period of a decade starting at 1990. The essay begins by outlining the existing relation in between the level of income and education. Then, the children’s mortality rate is analyzed along with the mother’s effects on the children. Adolescents are seen as children, therefore the amount of their education is compared with the health issues and the pregnancy rates, this leading to an economically unstable family, in most cases. Also, the economy of teenagers who reached a higher education and a more stable income was compared to those who did not. The adult’s health relationship with their income is analyzed further in…show more content…
Throughout the years the level of education has been a factor for the income of the population. This extended essay is done with the aim of analyzing the relationship in between the education level and the health status from 1990 to 2000 in United States. The data used shows the relation to different health issues for a certain level of education. The also known relation in between income and education level plays a role in determining the zones where the health issues stand on. There are different existing ways of showing the correlation that existed. A relationship can be determined by comparing the education level of the population as a whole and the health of the population. The effect of the different variables can affect one’s health. During the period to be discussed the different aspects affected will be analyzed such as the children population, the adult/older population and the correlation overall. The data observed shows, to a better understanding, the trends that occurred during the time being analyzed and the associations to the different aspects. The three variables affect each other, which are: education, income and health. Education is a way to measure a person’s income, the two which relate into an individual’s socioeconomic status (SES). The essay will show how one’s health can be affected by the education level indirectly. In other words, how education affects income which affects a person’s health. Children have yet to
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